Vermont, Take Your Place at the Front of Line For Being the First to be on the Right Side of History

Today, the Vermont legislature overrode the veto of Governor Jim Douglas, and became the first state in the Union to legalize gay marriage through the legislation legislative action (as opposed to a judicial decision).

I believe that in less than 15 years more than 3/4 of the states will follow suit.  Vermont just made it that much easier for people like me, who support gay marriage, to debate those who oppose.  It moves the debate away from arguments over whether the federal and state constitutions guarantee the right to marry someone of ones own choosing to a debate on the merits of government recognition of gay marriage.  That is a debate I am happy to have with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Arguments that gay marriage somehow threatens my marriage are complete nonsense.  My marriage to Aly is a strong today as it was yesterday, before this law passed.  And it will be as strong in the future when California (again) and New York legalize it.  Allowing two men or two women (or for that matter 3 women or two men and a woman) to marry has no bearing on my marriage.

On most culture war issues, my view are, if it does not affect others, you should be allowed to do it.  It is no one else’s business who you choose to live with, fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with raising a family (if you choose to have one).   The sooner that those who oppose gay marriage realize that being gay is a much a choice as being a man or woman or being black or white, the sooner more state’s will legalize it.


My views are so strong on this matter that I put them into cyberspace knowing they can never be deleted, knowing that they may come back to “haunt” me in the future (if I am so lucky to have to go for confirmation for some appointed position).

In future posts I will attempt to address all arguments against gay marriage.  If you oppose gay marriage on its merits, either in the comments to this post or in a guest blog post, please put forth your reasons why so that I can address them.

However, be warned, if you are easily offended, skip these posts.  I will zealously combat every view on this matter, including those based on religious belief.  I think too much of our public debate is suppressed or cut off when someone invokes religion or God as the basis for their public policy views.  But I will not hesitate to take those views on.  As many of you know, I do not share the view that just because some religious text or preacher says not to do X that is the end of the discussion.  If I do not agree (and I often don’t, including with my own religion’s teachings), I will say so.


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