I Won’t Say They Have No Ideas, But No Ideas that Anyone Wants

Today, while the President released his budget for FY’11, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan released his own budget and legislative proposals.  His goal is to eliminate all budget deficits for the next 75 years.  And if implemented, the CBO says his plan will actually run a surplus over the next 75 years.  That is the same time frame where we are currently projected to run massive deficits, mainly because of health care spending that will sky rocket as a result of baby-boomers becoming eligible for Medicare.  Well that is the good.

So how exactly does he do it?  Big surprise:  Essentially repeal much of the New Deal and Great Society programs.  He proposes privatizing essentially everything.  For example, instead of providing health care benefits to retirees through Medicare, he would eliminate government provided health insurance and provide a tax credit so that seniors can purchase their own health insurance on the private market.  Furthermore, he eliminates the deductibility of health insurance purchased through employment and replaces that also with a tax credit for families to purchase insurance on the private market.  Anyone who has actually purchased insurance on the private market knows how well that works.  Needless to say,  these proposals would be a disaster as would the rest of his budget as documented by Ezra Klein of the WaPo.

But, hey, he does balance the budget.  Which is good, I guess, if that is your only goal.  So, yes, the Republicans do have ideas–just not ideas anyone actually wants or have any chance of becoming law.  But I guess if you start far enough into the outer reaches of the ideological spectrum, any compromise will more likely be closer to those moronic proposals than if you had started at a sensible point.  Or at least that seems to be his thought process.


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