From Yes, We Can to Yes, We Did.

While I had grave doubts that my, sometimes, dysfunctional party could get this done, and that President Barack Obama would ever put this on health care reform legislation

President Obama's Signature on Health Care Reform. March 23, 2010.

President Obama moved from his campaign slogan of Yes, We Can to Yes, We Did.  Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Democrats proved the first thing I learned in College wrong:  that politicians only care about getting reelected.  While many will have the same fate as Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky , who provided President Bill Clinton the decisive vote he needed to get his 1993 budget passed, and lose their reelection campaigns because their vote on HCR, just remember how the Clinton Presidency turned out:  longest period of peacetime economic expansion.  Most people credit that 1993 budget for the expansion.  Without the courage of Congresswoman Margolies-Mezvinsky, it might never have happened.

Writing last week in the Washington Post, she said:

I voted my conscience, and it cost me.  I still remember how, after I voted, Bob Walker jumped up and down on the House floor, yelling “Bye-bye, Marjorie!” I thought, first, that he was probably right. Then, that I would expect better behavior from my kids, much less a member of Congress. And then, that he was a remarkable jumper.  I am your worst-case scenario. And I’d do it all again.

No doubt the law will have to be improved, but it really is an achievement of a lifetime.  Today, I came across this video of then Candidate Obama’s speech from the night he lost the New Hampshire primary put to music.

And then there is the leader of the Republican opposition:


One Response to “From Yes, We Can to Yes, We Did.”

  1. Doug Says:

    Well, almost. It’s more like, “Yes, We Can” to “Yes, We Did in our haste make a few parlimentary mistakes that will require another vote and another signature”:

    Unfortunately, I’m certain it will pass again. And then you can proclaim: “Yes, We Can” became “Yes, We Did (on the second time around)”. Do you think President Obama will hold another ceremonial signing photo-op?

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