This is What it Has Come To.

I am the first to admit that there is a cultural and political divide between people who live on the coasts and those that live in middle and southern part of the country.  But if the best you can come up with to go after Elena Kagan’s is the fact that she is not like you and your evidence is that she did not get her driver’s license until her 20s, you really are grasping for straws.  But there is the National Review, doing just that:

this passage  nicely captures Elena Kagan’s remoteness from the lives of most Americans:

Kagan … is such a product of New York City that she did not learn to drive until her late 20s. According to her friend John Q. Barrett, a law professor at St. John’s University, it is a skill she has not yet mastered.

Given  the fact that close to 40% of driving age NYers do not have licenses, it is not all that surprising that she did not get one until her late 20s.  Amazing that this is what it has come to.  But this is just another in a long line of thinly veiled attacks of those that live in places like NY, SF or LA (read:  the people who live there are  are not “real” Americans.).  They do not share your values.  I love the fact that areas that have a combined 45 million people out of  a total of 300 million, but they are not real Americans.

To be clear, I am taking it on faith that SG Kagan is a liberal based on clerkships and which Presidents she has worked for.  Because other than 3 (albeit important) law review articles, she has not said or written much.


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