Go Out and Vote (Democratic)

For those of you who supported the President two years ago but are thinking of sitting out this election or voting Republican because you are disappointed with the President, think twice before doing that. While I am disappointed too in what I view as missed opportunities for more progress, if you think it will get better with Republicans running the Congress, you are deeply mistaken. Do not think you are going to get a replay of the 1990s after 1994. While the Republicans that were elected that year were far more conservative than those who came before them, there were still Northeastern Republicans and Rockefeller and Eisenhower Republicans. The Republicans that might be elected next Tuesday would make Barry Goldwater and George W. Bush blush. They have made it crystal clear that unlike the Republicans of the 1990s, they will not compromise with the President to move this country forward. Their only goal is to make him a one-term President.


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