Why health care had to go first

If you wanted to know why health care had to go first, just look at how paralyzed DC is now. Obama knew his popularity and legislative majorities would be temporary. His historic majorities gave him and his caucus a once in a lifetime chance to get HCR passed. Should he have gotten a bigger stimulus passed first; sure. Should he have forced the senate to move faster on HCR? Of course. But he knew that the economy was not going to turn around in time for the midterms and he knew that his party would take bath regardless of what he did. The democrats had picked up many marginal seats in a climate of utter disdain for GWB and the republicans in 2006 and 2008. Those feelings would not carry forward to the 2010 elections. Plus, Obama knew that the electorate would not be the same that elected him. Like Clinton before him, he knew that this was his one and only shot to get HCR passed. Don’t expect him to trade it for tax hikes whatever the press may report.

While not perfect, like Medicare and Social Security before it, it will be improved and people will learn to rely on it; they will elect politicians who will fight to protect it. That was the genius of FDR and LBJ.

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