I am New Yorker, born and raised, but I now live in the place I have dubbed the People’s Republic of Beverly Hills.  As it was pointed out at our rehearsal dinner, people know I still am a New Yorker, because who else in LA has a (917) cell number, subscribes to the Times (no, not the LATimes), and expects people to know that when he is discussing the City he is referring only to Manhattan and nothing else (MC, thanks).  As Aly knows all to well, I went to and am a strong believer in public schools.  After attending New Rochelle High School, I spent my freshman year in the frozen tundra of the University of Rochester in Western New York.  After my freshman year of not seeing the sun from October to May, I decided to transfer to the tropical University of Pennsylvania, where I studied economics and political science.  More importantly, I met my wife and my partner, Aly.  After graduation, I did what most Ivy Leaguer did (as of 2006 over 60% of those who sought employment directly after graduation):  went to work on Wall Street as an investment banker (with Lehman Brothers in its Communications & Media Group).  Following my two year stint at LB, I returned to UPenn to attend law school.  My law school essay revolved around my ”religious” viewing of Meet the Press with the late and great Tim Russert.  Upon graduating from law school, I took a clerkship with Judge Nora Manella, formerly of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.  After a humbling and mentally taxing (but intellectually challenging and satisfying) year clerking, I began my current employment as a litgator with the law firm of Irell & Manella in Los Angeles.


One Response to “About”

  1. Stephanie Schonholz Says:

    The sigh heard round the world…or at least 3,000 miles away. Yes that’s my relief that you are finally doing this and not constantly emailing me articles that I have no time to read!

    and on another note…o’brother, where art thou dictionary? Dad’s not the only one who thinks grammar and spelling matters!

    Very cool that you’re doing this. Congrats

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