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My Head Starts To Hurt When I Try to Follow this Kind of Logic

April 14, 2010

For months now, Republicans, including Senate Republicans, have been arguing that Khalid Sheik Mohammad (the mastermind behind 9-11) should only be tried, if at all, in a military commission.  Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said:

Simply moving the 9/11 trials from New York City is not a solution.  As long as these trials are in civilian court they will bring severe costs and dangers with them wherever they go. There is only one venue change—and one policy—that will work: military commissions.  For that reason, I am joining with my colleagues today to introduce bipartisan legislation that bars funding for the civilian trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his cohorts. These trials are simply too misguided, too costly, and too dangerous.  We must not treat terrorism as a matter of routine law enforcement—and we must not treat terrorists like the innocent civilians they target.”