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In Case You Missed It Yesterday, Watch President Obama School House Republicans in a 68 Minute, Televised Q&A

January 31, 2010

While this type of Q&A happens frequently in England, it never occurs here (C-SPAN used to run it every Sunday night from the House of Commons).  President Obama took 68 minutes worth of questions from House Republicans and it was televised.  It got so bad for Republicans that they later told reporters that it was a big mistake to “let the cameras in”.  Furthermore, instead of televising the end of this bloodbath, FoxNews cut away with 22 minutes left.

These 68 minutes show how out of touch with facts and reality Republicans really are. The last question, from a so-called rising start, Jeb Henserling, who sits on the Budget Committee accused, Obama of running $1.3 trillion deficits A MONTH. A MONTH!! I do not know if he knows how to add, but that would be a yearly deficit of $15.6 trillion, which is more than our national debt. As Senator Moynihan (I think) used to say: you are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts. This forum was great for the President because he got to confront his opponents at the same time they made they ridiculous charges. If they are dumb enough to agree to it, Obama should do this more often.