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More From Our Dysfunctional Senate–Aaron Sorkin Strikes Again

February 5, 2010

And Aaron Sorkin Strikes again.  In the West Wing episode entitled “The Constituency of One” Conservative Senator Carrick (Tom Skerritt), a Democrat from Idaho places a hold on a backlog of military promotions preventing a vote on their promotions so he can secure an expensive but faulty missile launcher to be built in his home state.  In the fictional Senate of the West Wing, one Senator, acting alone, could block the approval of military promotions for dozens of officers.  If only this just occurred in fiction.



West Wing Strikes Again: State’s Rights Activists Are Happy to Take the Federal Government’s Money

April 29, 2009

Aaron Sorkin and his show West Wing have a knack of predicting the future of politics. First, the show predicted that one day Vermont would help lead the country into legalizing gay marriage.

In Season 5’s episode entitled “The Supremes,” when President Josiah Bartlett (played Martin Sheen) faced two openings on the Supreme Court at the same time, he wanted to nominate Glen Close, an extremely liberal, pro-choice appeals court judge. But if he wanted to nominate her, the politics of the situation would also require him to nominate William Fichtner, a young, archconservative appeals court judge. At one point during the show, the two potential nominees were sitting in a in the room together in the White House and proceeded to debate (like “cats and dogs”) DOMA (the “Defense of Marriage Act”).