Grand Bargain

Republicans want a permanent extension of the Bush Tax Cuts but face a situation where they know they will not get it. Democrats have many priorities stalled by Republicans and will not get most of what they want either. So why not do this: In return for a vote on a permanent extension of the tax cuts, Democrats would get a vote on the Defense Reauthorization Bill (including the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), a vote on the START treaty, a vote on all judicial and executive branch nominees (and a promise for a vote on Elizabeth Warren if she would be nominated next year to run the Consumer Financial Protection Agency), and a vote on a two year extension of unemployment + hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure spending.  I would want a vote on other things but I won’t press my luck.

If presented with this deal, we could see where both parties’ real priorities lay.

Update: I would probably add votes on the DREAM Act and a 1-2 year payroll tax holiday.


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